"After a less than rewarding experience with another shop in California, I called Tommy at SRT Autoworks.  My goal was to have a street driven Hellcat that would be capable of running high nines at the track nearest to me which is Las Vegas.  A high altitude track where stock Hellcats normally run in the elevens.  I didn't want to be embarrassed by Camaros and the like. I was aware that Tommy was using Tim Barth for tuning his high horsepower builds and I knew that he is recognized as one of the very few tuning at the highest level for this platform.


After meeting Tommy and checking things out, I went with what at the time was his 900whp package and included one of his ice boxes to go with. The process was fast and efficient and the work was meticulous.   The results were astounding.   I became friends with Tommy and Theo very quickly and recognized that there was something different about this shop.  I had a mid 9 second, 145 mph quarter mile car just like that, and started to meet some of the other customers.  The whole thing felt like being in a car club.  


I have a long history of drag racing and when I saw that this was a group that I could not only trust to do the work, but also enjoy racing with, I decided to take things to the next level. I asked Tommy if he would be interested in taking on a project that would take us to the highest level.  It would be a challenge for all of us and include doing things that they hadn't done before.  I could almost see Theo licking his chops.


The build is the Stinkeye Hellcat Challenger and is at this time the fastest street driven, full weight (4500 lb), blower only Hellcat in the world.   8.90 at 155 mph in the quarter mile.


I could go on forever but if you have a Hellcat and want to improve it... the sky's the limit here. Mild to Stinkeye Wild is just a walk in that front door. Check out the pictures and videos and start dreaming!" 


- Marc Walker, @srt_stinkeye